Essay: Story of King Lear

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Essay: Story of King Lear

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Gloucester’s son, Edmund says these just before he lies to his father to his father that his real son, Edgar is planning to terminate him. The fact that Edmund is an illegitimate son makes him feel denied what he feels that belongs to him by his half brother Edgar. Edmund is determined to raise himself to gain respect from his father even if it means what. When he says that “I grow, I prosper” (ibid 14) he implies that he will do whatever it takes, even if it means destroying the reputation of his half brother to get what he wants. He repeats the word legitimate sarcastically to show that what stands between him and his father’s respect is just how he was born. It is also to show that he can destroy the so-called legitimacy of birth.

He understands that he stands little if any chances of making it in the gaining power and respect. He blames his circum

Edmund delivers this soliloquy just before he tricks his stances on customs and beliefs by calling it a “plague of custom”. He craves for power and respect so much such that he is ready to go to any lengths to achieve love and power. This person has never known love since his childhood but now he is out to look for it and recognition. The mistakes that made him a bastard were not his and now he is the one receiving the punishment.

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