Essay: A Story of Japanese Accused in America

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Essay: A Story of Japanese Accused in America

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It is the turn of Hatsue, Kabue’s wife to stand in the witness box, where Alvin Hooks do a cross-examination. Here we get to know that the prosecution is bringing out a strong case against the accused. Almost all those who have testified are whites, and although nobody actually saw the accused commit the offence, all they want to show is that Kabuo did commit the offence of murder. This is the reason why the prosecution is raising the question of land into the case so to show that the accused had a reason to kill Carl. Although Kabue’s wife accepts that they chose to keep quiet upon learning of the death, this does not incriminate him in any way.  The case here is more about races rather the individuals involved, that is why Kabuo tells Carl that he is an American and thus he should be treated as one.

The only white person who addresses the case of race directly is Kabuo’s lawyer Nels. When the judge reminds the jury that what they are charging the accused for is a capital offence, which ought to be, proven beyond any reasonable doubt, this shows that although we are in America everybody has a right to be given a chance to tell their story. One of the members of the jury, who happens to be a fisherman is of the opinion that Kabue is innocent. This shows that the court system is fair to everyone regardless of his or her race.  When Carl’s wife is told about the death of her husband the news seem not to move him but she just says that she knew that would come to happen one day. Even a person like Ishmael who was willing to marry Hatsue who is Japanese does not seem to trust the accused. The people of this island ought to start trust one another in order harmony in their settlement.

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