Essay: Story of It is Hard to Know what People Believe in

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Essay: Story of It is Hard to Know what People Believe in

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The local priest does not like the idea of people believing that before he is told by the church on what to do.  A man passes by and tells the story of a spider woman, which draws the attention of the crowd, and they forget the old man. The spider woman is big tarantula with a woman head who was cursed by her parents for disobedience. They claim that the man has performed only semi miracles for them. the admission fees colleted by the Pelayos make them rich and they build another house but the old man continues to stay in the chicken house. After the coop collapses the old man, moves to near by shed but when he starts wandering in to the house Elisenda becomes annoyed. As Pelayo and his wife start to think that the old man will die, he instead starts to grow strong and his feathers start to grow. He even starts singing sailor’s songs and one day he flies to the horizon as Elisenda watches. The story is told using the symbolism of wings and the spider.

The author uses wings to represent speed and unlimited freedom to move to anywhere. When they meet the old man, “His huge buzzard wings, dirty and half-plucked, were forever entangled in the mud. They looked at him so long and so closely that Pelayo and Elisenda very soon overcame their surprise and in the end found him familiar”. (Márquez 45) The old man has qualities of a real man although he has wings as opposed to angels who should be clean and beautiful. Though in the Bible angels have beautiful wings, the old man’s wings are dirty and bare and seem to symbolize only old age and death. Even the village doctor observes that the wings fit the rest of the body and wonders why the other people do not have wings as well..

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