Essay: Story of Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift

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Essay: Story of Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift

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One major theme in Swift’s work is the comparison between the right and the physical size and whether the social order is determined by the either morality or the physical strength. This is because at a certain point, in Lilliput, his physical power can allow him to conquer the Blefuscudian army, whereas at Brobdingnag, the physical size of the insects intimidates him making him appear powerless.

The use of physical force is revealed where a Brobdingnag farmer enslaves him and where he is trapped by the Lilliputians. Moral strength is also applied where the issue of an egg catalyzes differences between the Blefuscu and the Lilliput. Their different translation of the bible result to war since each has its own justified translation of the bible. The Houyhnhnms employ physical power against the Yahoos because the Houyhnhnms believe to be more rational and cleaner than the Yahoos are. It is difficult to justify the basis for morality, as some assume to be morally upright and use this to exert physical force on others. The removing of Munodi from power by the leaders of Balnibarbi even though Lord Munodi appears to the morally upright party reveals this (Swift, 1967).

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is a good fictional book, which is recommended for high school literature students. Besides the above-mentioned characters, structures and themes, there are many more that have not been mentioned.

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