Essay: A Story of Experience

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Essay: A Story of Experience

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Once she gets to the city, she thinks that her village level of education can help her climb the success ladder from the top. She thus thinks that she can make to being a governor without any much struggle. This has been her dreams and she makes several attempts in vain. She then resolves to become a teacher. This also does not work. It is at this point tat she realizes one has to be useful by accepting what comes on her way; work hard on it and with enough patience. She thus decides to become a house help at Mrs. Stuart’s with a salary of two and a half dollars a day. With commitment, she is able to achieve higher expectations.

She does not stick in one type of job but takes several of them including being an actress and alter she becomes the governess she has always dreamt of. After all the achievements she has made, she cannot compare her current life to the one she led at her uncle’s place.  She is very happy since after looking back in to the past, she is not able to regret any decision she has ever made. All what she has achieved makes her admire herself; she even has chain of promising opportunities and has to decide on which one to take. She no longer looks for jobs but has to be searched for to go work.

All the achievements by Christie are very encouraging to all women who feel oppressed in the society by everyone seeing them as a burden. Her start from the bottom and her patience and hard work are characters that anyone who wants to succeed should have. She ends up a happy and useful woman who can help the society in developmental projects. She is not relying on anyone anymore.

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