Essay: Story of Dracula

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Essay: Story of Dracula

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On the other hand, the men feel that they are responsible for all their sexual behaviors but they should control what women are doing. They expect all the women to be loyal to them and be good mothers to their children. The women are not given chances to defend themselves for any small transgression makes the women to be labeled whores. When Dracula corrupts Lucy’s behavior, the men brand her behavior as full of lust and “cold-bloodedness” (Stoker and Allen 240). The men are afraid that “If a woman were ever to reverse the roles and become sexually aggressive and assertive about her desires, her image of chaste fragility and submissive dependence upon men would be shattered, diluting the superior, dominant image of men, as well” (Podonsky 53). This is the reason why the men are out to do anything to make sure that Lucy and Mina return to their normal lives.

During the Victorian times, sex and evil was almost the same thing. It was considered ungodly and thus evil and for that, a woman was expected to have only one lover. Women did not have many choices to make regarding their sexual lives as they were under the control of the men. When Lucy is faced with the difficult of choosing whom to marry among the three men who have proposed she has no option other than to reluctantly choose Holmwood. She knows that choosing to cheat on a man is socially prohibited and she will become a whore in the society.

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