Essay: Story of Death of a Salesman

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Essay: Story of Death of a Salesman

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In order to prove that Willy has been chasing the unachievable success dreams, there is the garden he has always wished of owning. He believes that he will acquire wealth and fame after he owns the garden. This concurs with the fact that Willy had the urge of leaving something to be remembered for. He wanted to die a great man who would be celebrated in his death, something he never managed to achieve when he was alive. Willy always believed in “the power of the belief in a New Land, a New Eden” (Shockley 4) as he saw that he could become famous by managing to plant his own garden. This way, he would have achieved success which he craves.  However, he is not able to achieve this dream because he does not have all it takes to achieve it.


In the play Willy portrays a man filled with remorse negative feelings of failure which result to his downfall and eventually his demise. Other characters in the play advise Willy to adapt the present and refrain from living in the past when things were alright and he was a successful salesman. His friend Charley and his son Biff engage Willy in a several account to accept change and live on the present but he is adamant and feels appalled by their lack of need of success. Willy’s uncle Ben attempts to make him change career and join him in his expedition of mining diamond in Africa to no avail. This depicts that everyone sees through Willy’s unrealistic lifestyle based on illusion and fantasy. Thus this also outlines Willy’s fear of the unknown as he is deviant to change and only wants to achieve things through his successful past which is an illusion.

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