Essay: Story of Dawson’s Landing and the Ladder of Nobility

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Essay: Story of Dawson’s Landing and the Ladder of Nobility

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So many writers who feel that it is not up to standard have criticized this book. Anne P. Wigger feels that Mark Twain, “created the works chief weakness by obscuring to some extent his examination of the effects of slavery” (Ross 253). This implies that Mark Twain’s work was not as clear as he wanted it to be. Although he wanted people to understand the evils associated with slavery, he did not put his work in such a manner that all will understand. Jack P. Wysong points out that, “Clemens himself shows, in this book, the environmental prejudices that he was brought up in” (Ross 256). This implies that Mark Twain was a failure in his work of art. The fact that Twain has his supporters in his literary work implies that he should not be criticized at lengthy. However, it should be noted that his supporters contradict their selves just as he does.

I agree with the critics and especially the argument by Ross about the works of Mark Twain. To start with, Tom is a slave who grows into a dishonest person although he has never been any better since he was a fractious and spoiled child. This implies that slavery has not shaped him at all since he is not changing at all for he remains bad until at his adult age. He could have argued that slavery has shaped him and especially to the worse as it is expected if at all he could have been a respectable and obedient child who grows into a lazy and dishonest man. Her mother in a very respectable life brings him up since he gets all he desires and this forces him like to have all he wants after maturing even if it means taking it by force.

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