Essay: Story of Mean Creek

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Essay: Story of Mean Creek

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Sam’s brother, Rocky, fits the role of the fiercely protective older brother. Sam turns to him when he is bullied, and believes that Rocky has all the right answers. This is a stereotype held in sibling relationships by the younger siblings. Rocky’s big-brother role comes with the stereotype that he is able to protect his younger brother from all manner of things, and that he holds the correct answers when faced with moral dilemmas. Sam believes this (as do most of the children his age and below) and turns to Marty for a solution. Marty on his part is not about to disappoint his younger brother. He formulates a plan, together with his friends, to put an end to the bullying. Sam later realizes that Rocky does not hold the solution to all problems and comes to see Marty for the flawed older brother he is. The writer uses the stereotype held by the younger generation about their older siblings to develop the character of Rocky. (Estes, 2004)

It is quite clear that the characters as well as the plot are developed using various misconceptions held by the society. The movie uses stereotypes about dyslexia, body size, sexual orientation, family background, and sibling relationships to develop the characters in the movie. Without these stereotypes, the characters would not have their characteristic personalities that go a great length into developing the plot of film. It is clear from the movie that stereotypes are a major factor in the development of individual personalities. People will try to either fit the stereotype or contrast it as much as possible; the characters in the movie prove that. It is also clear from the movie that certain stereotypes may lead people to making sometimes-fatal mistakes. (Putman, 2007)

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