Essay: Story of the Novel Ceremony

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Essay: Story of the Novel Ceremony

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Tayo remembers of his mother “come after dark and wrapped him in a man’s coat ——- he clung to her because when she left him, he knew she would be gone for a long time —– there were tears all over his face and his nose was running.” This marks the start of his hard life since even at his age he has to undergo mother’s abandonment. He is sure that he will never see his mother again if she dares leave him and this gives him the worst experiences of lack of love from a mother. This adds to the fact that he does not know his father and has never met him and thus has to live without the love of any of his parents.

It is only after the rise of the World War II that Tayo finds himself in the army; he is made to kill innocent people. He sees his uncle, a relative he loves very much in a group of people they are forced to shoot and this hurts him the more after the uncle dies. His group feel very guilty and resolve to drink but he is not comfortable in their company since he does not like the idea that they like talking about the victory of the war when drunk. This force Tayo to feel withdrawn from his group members, a company he has endowed since he was young.

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