Essay: Story of Adam and Eve

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Essay: Story of Adam and Eve

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To show that God is out to justify his ways to man, he further gives Adam and Eve the option of repenting whenever they err. It is also shown to Adam that anyone who remains faithful to God is saved of all dangers he has to face in life. This is evidenced in the vision of Enoch who is saved from his enemies on earth and taken to heaven. The visions of Noah also show God’s mercy on his faithful as he saves Noah and his family together with several other animals simply because of Noah’s faith. The vision of Moses saving the Israelites from Egypt is also shown to prove that God is always kind to His children; to those who obey Him. Later the greatest vision is that of Jesus, the only son of God comes to save humankind from their sins. Here God shows the greatest degree of love since he has given people so many chances to remain close to Him but they fail in all of them. He still has love for them and in order to show that He is out to justify His actions to man, He sacrifices his only son so that man can be saved through blood

Although Adam and Eve are frightened and sad as they leave the paradise, hey are also happy since they have a second chance to live happily. The visions are meant to give humankind hope in life and with this hope, the two people are very happy. They know that they can remain close to God even after they have committed a great crime. This shows God’s Grace since He should have chased them out of paradise and not given them any hopes or visions. He could even finish them all.

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