Essay: Stopping Life Support

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Essay: Stopping Life Support

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The nursing ethical implication of stopping life support has been marred with several controversies especially in a case where the patient is undergoing a lot of pain. Considering that among the ethical responsibilities of nursing is to reduce pain on the patient, and then one must wonder why medical professional would withdraw medications. “The relief of suffering, it would appear, is considered one of the primary ends of medicine by patients and lay persons~ but not by the medical profession” (West 2001, pp151-152). To support their nurses’ justification for terminating medication, they argue that reducing the application of opiates and not applying them excessively “Not to relieve pain optimally is tantamount to moral and legal malpractice.” (Rich 2000, p. 53)

In the nursing ethical implication to cease to support life, the medical professionals must follow certain guidelines/ principles. These principles call for equal treatment of all the patients by all institutions while the decision must be transparent and justified. Additionally, it must have the consent of the patient or the one bestowed with making decisions on behalf of the patient and must be administered by the designated physician.

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