Essay: Stewards’ Riots

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Essay: Stewards’ Riots

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It is beyond ones imagination that the stewards who are responsible to maintain order in the soccer pitches are rioting demand a better pay. Taking into consideration that employees need to be motivated to perform their duties perfectively, in case they are not paid well then they will not deliver. The stewards’ riots in the SA occurred on Sunday after a game between the Germans and Australia in which the Germans beat Australia 4:0. The police used rubber bullets, percussive grenades and teargas to control the stewards at in the parking lot in Durban at Moses Mabhida Stadium. This occurrence happened about 1000 hrs June 14, 2010.

According to Corder and Gatopoulos of Associated Press, they witnessed riot police moving a crowd outside the stadium and though calamity resumed fast, some stewards continued to demonstrate outside the stadium. However, there were not arrests or injuries reported, the riot police were able to contain all the rioting stewards and after peaceful negotiations, the stewards were left to go peacefully. However, the streets adjacent to Moses Mabhida Stadium were littered and with some portable concrete blocks blocking the roads.

Other reports about the riot by Wireupdate reporter, Kedoski, revealed that explosions were heard outside Moses Mabhida Stadium and many thought there were terrorist attacks but it was later confirmed that it was the riot police who were trying to control the demonstrating stewards and were using percussive grenades. Meanwhile, the media was contained in the media center and news was very scarce. Kedoski also confirmed that the cases of fatalities or injuries could not be established, (Kedoski, Wireupdate).

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