Essay: Stereotypes in the Movie Mean Creek

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Essay: Stereotypes in the Movie Mean Creek

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Some of the stereotypes about dyslexics are unintelligence and retardation. Because of these stereotypes, George develops a mean exterior beneath, which is an essentially good human being. It is during the boat ride that the other kids discover that George is not as bad as he puts himself out to be. Nevertheless, it proves to be a bit too late and their ignorance (and that of the small town they live in) becomes the cause of his death. For the character George to have been as obnoxious and as threatening as he was, he had to have had dyslexia whose stereotypes would be a defining factor in his personality. (Putman, 2006)

George picked on Sam because he had a small body and because he was sensitive. Small-bodied people are stereotyped as being weak and sensitive. It is clear that this stereotype was used by the writer to develop a character who would be a perfect punching bag for George. It is quite evident that George did not pick on someone his own size. He picked on Sam because as per the stereotypes, Sam would not be able to defend himself. Sam himself might also have allowed himself to be bullied because he believed in the stereotype. Most people faced with stereotypes either become like the stereotypes, or become as different as possible. Sam fell under the former category. For him to have been the perfect outlet for George’s frustrations Sam had to have been stereotyped as weak and sensitive and this was done through his body size.(Estes, 2004)

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