Essay: Stereotypes used for Character Development

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Essay: Stereotypes used for Character Development

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Another stereotype used for character development in the movie is that same-sex parents are not ‘normal’ parents. In the movie, Ryan Kelley’s character, Clyde, experiences a lot of teasing and harassment because of his two gay fathers. Clyde’s family setting is perceived, especially by Marty, to be rather abnormal. Because of this stereotype, Clyde is teased a great deal by Marty and he becomes laid-back and withdrawn. He is a perfect fit as Marty’s friend as he does not object a lot to Marty’s usually outrageous suggestions, and keeps most of his opinions to himself. The writer uses this stereotype, and others associated with homosexuality, to develop Clyde, Marty’s unopinionated friend who is an easy target. (Estes, 2004)

Scott Mechlowicz’s character, Marty, is the forceful leader of the group of six teenagers. He is a less-than-perfect character owing to his family background. His father committed suicide, leaving behind a bitter and harsh teenager who is more than willing to take out his frustrations on George, a character who is shockingly similar to him.( Estes, 2004) Marty is such a strong character that the rest of the group is pitted against him. Marty’s character is developed by use of the stereotype associated with kids from troubled households.

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