Essay: Stereotypes for Character Development in Mean Creek

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Essay: Stereotypes for Character Development in Mean Creek

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Examine how stereotypes are utilized for character development in the movie Mean Creek.

The film “Mean Creek” stars Rory Culkin as Sam, a sensitive kid who has become the punching bag for a local bully George (Josh Peck). Sam soon shares with his brother, Rocky, that George has been hurting him. Rocky then decides that it is time George received some payback and together with his friends Clyde and Marty, they plan to revenge on Sam’s behalf.

The plan is to lure George on a boat trip and leave him stranded with no clothes on, so that he shall have to find his way back home naked. However, things do not go as planned on the boat trip, and what looked like the best-laid plan soon begins to fall apart. The characters are faced with a moral dilemma when George ends up dead and they are torn between admitting it to the authorities and keeping it a secret. (Estes, 2004)

The writer and director, Jacob Aaron Estes, uses stereotypes associated with dyslexia to develop Josh Peck’s character, George. George is a dyslexic kid who has learning difficulties. George makes up for his difficulties in class by deciding to become the toughest kid on the block. He uses his obnoxious exterior to ward the other kids off.

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