Essay: Steps in Decision Making Process

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Essay: Steps in Decision Making Process

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The decision making process comprises of three major steps which have got their sub divisions as displayed below

  1. Framing the problem
  1. I.    Identification of the problem,

Before making any decision, it is imperative to make sure that the problem is clearly defined.  This is because managers can rush to make decision when there is not or no problem, which is not real or may be a rumor.

  1. II.    Definition of the objective of solving the problem

After clearly defining the problem at hand, the management must clearly define the goals of saving the problem that has arose.

  1. III.    Evaluating the effect of solving the problem

The management must further clarify on the expected effect of solving the problem. The objective of solving a problem of low sales volume problem may have the objective of increasing the sales volume. This objective may be evaluated by calculated the expected increase in the sales volume.

  1. Making the decision
  1. I.    Identification of the major cause of the problem

This involves brainstorming action whereby the managers need to consider any likely cause of the problem.

  1. II.    Listing the available solutions

After listing, the available causes of the problem, the managers or the concerned authority need to come up with the likely possible solution to each of the causes of the problem. Adequate research is required to come up with the all the likely solutions.

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