Essay: Stakeholder Communication Analysis

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Essay: Stakeholder Communication Analysis

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In the project I have earlier created on a software development, it is of paramount importance to determine which information goes to what group of people. This ensures that time and money, which could have been used to produce and disseminate wrong information to wrong people, is saved.

The groups of the parties involved should be divided into several groups of people including the internal stakeholders and the key external stakeholders (subcontractors, customers’ top management and the customers).

The communication analysis should include the different groups of stakeholders, information due date and the information format; whether written of oral. The below format will be applicable for the project of a software development; (Schwalbe, 2009, p. 406)

stakeholders Document name Document format Contact person Due date
Customer management Monthly status report Hard copies Lewis John 10th every month
Customer business staff Monthly status report email Ann Jackson 10th every month
Customer technical staff Monthly status report email Timothy Auld 5th every month
Internal management Monthly status report email Hughes John 1st every month
Internal business and technical staff Monthly status report email Janet Boss 5th every month
Training subcontractor Training plan Hard copy Emmy Mark 10th August 2010
Software subcontractor Software implementation plan email Sergius Tom 5th May 2010

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