Essay: Staff Hiring Process

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Essay: Staff Hiring Process

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In respect to the staff hiring process, our functional area of management is marketing of a new soft drink that is expected to be launched next month. The human resource manage in our firm is expected to hire a team of 120 marketing team who will market the product within our county. Though there is already a ready market, the marketing team is expected to face an uphill task of ensuring that our product, Energy fuel mix, wins a substantial market share. The industry analysis reveals that there is a fierce competition from the already established brands such as Coca- Cola ad Pepsi among man others. The marketing team is expected to employ all the global marketing strategies lure customers to be consuming this product. A number of the marketing team is expected to carry out E-Marketing and remain online most of the time in order to respond to the client inquiries.

The firm is also expected to train the marketing team about the product and stress to population that the newly launched product is a balanced diet product, which is not likely to cause any health concerns. This strength of the product is likely to influence many buyers to be using the product now that most of the US population is concerned about the cases of obesity that are being catalyzed by unhealthy lifestyle. Though I expect the product to follow the normal product life cycle, I expect that the firm will be a force to reckon with in the industry since it will be improved continuously.

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