Essay: Sports Marketing (Nike)

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Essay: Sports Marketing (Nike)

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Nike, which is the leading producer for sports wear and apparel, is a publicly traded company based in US with its headquarters at Oregon. It was founded in 1964, initially being referred top as Blue Ribbon Sports becoming Nike in 1978. Nike refers to the Greek goddess of victory. The firm’s products are marketed under the brand name Nike and own other brands that include Nike+, Nike golf, Nike Skating board, Nike Pro and own many other subsidiaries. This firm sponsors many sports teams and individual sportsmen with its most popular trademark being “Just do it” and its most common logo being the swoosh.

Nike, which is a premium brand invest many of its resources in marketing strategies since it expensive well designed products. To guarantee increased revenue from the expensive products, it must employ well-defined marketing strategies, which will enable it to be at a competitive advantage. In efforts to increase the clientele base from a very competitive market niche, the firm, Nike, focuses its marketing strategy around its slogan “just do it” whilst at the same time using its well cut advertising logo “the swoosh”. Besides outstanding sponsoring teams and individual sportsmen, it also endorses celebrities. In order to be successful, the firm employs a complex marketing mix to reach its target markets.

Nike began to advertise its products back in 1982 a….

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