Essay: Spine Manipulation Therapies

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Essay: Spine Manipulation Therapies

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Research questions

This research project will be guided by a set of questions. These questions are designed in a manner that they focus on the study problem, which is the effect of manipulation on law back in pain treatment. These questions will be as follows;

  1. i.            What effects do the manipulation on law back in pain treatment have on patients suffering this problem?
  2. ii.            What perceptions do medical practitioners hold on this method of treating low back pain?
  3. iii.            How effective is manipulation on law back in pain treatment?
  4. iv.            What available options are considerable in treating this lower back pain?
  5. v.            What should be done in dealing with effects of manipulation on law back in pain treatment?

These set of questions with be very useful in addressing the thesis of this research proposal. In-depth considerations of other issues articulated on issues surrounding these questions will also be highlighted. Answers to these questions will in a big way serve to address the entire issue on effects associated with manipulation on law back pain treatment.

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