Essay: Speech Pathologists

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Essay: Speech Pathologists

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The average day of a pathologist is not easy to determine for this is dictated with the kind of task before him. This implies that he should be dedicated to his work to be able to accomplish the entire task without committing himself to other unnecessary duties. The speech pathologists should ensure that they are able to diagnose correctly the type of communication problems their patients are suffering form and treat them appropriately. In order to have the latest working treatments for the patients, speech pathologists should meet with their patients severally and conduct their tests repeatedly to ensure the right diagnosis. The treatment plans should be prepared in accordance with the results of the tests and by considering all the other professionals one is working with. The speech pathologist should be able to teach his patients to improve their communication by computers and sign languages. By attending treatment meetings, the pathologist will manage all the aspects of patient progress and health. This meetings also ensure that the pathologist stays in pace with the changes in the treatment modes.

A speech pathologists deals with people who have communication problems including learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, swallowing disorders, lisps or slurring, stuttering, impaired language and articulation. Since there are so many causes of communication problems in people, a speech pathologist should test his patient before starting to cure his disabilities. All the communication disabilities require different types of treatments and therefore the speech pathologist has to test his patient to come up with the appropriate treatment mode.

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