Essay: Spanish-American War

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Essay: Spanish-American War

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It is during the Progressive Movement when US became a major economic and military super power in the world. During the Spanish- American War, US demand to Spain to illegalize some oppressing politicizes against Cuba caused the war. The military supremacy of the US resulted to a victory on both the land and on the sea. The resulting peace conference consequence was US acquisition of Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico. Cuba gained independence under the protection of America.

Though the US easily defeated Spain’s army, the peace terms were contentious. The democratic opposition leader, William Jennings Bryan opposed control of Philippines since this could sour the democratic image of America, but he did not succeed. McKinley, the then US president was very popular since he had rejuvenated the US economy.  He, McKinley, easily defeated William Jennings Bryan in 1900 US presidential elections, he also easily defeated a Pilipino insurgent easily and focused on modernizing Philippines, a mission that lasted until 1908 when US diverted its interest to Caribbean construction of the Panama canal. The Panama Canal was officially opened in 1914 and this was instrumental in facilitating trade between the US and Far East along with Japan. The open door policy was among the key policies that enabled the super powers to trade with china without taking control of china (Johnson, 2008,).

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