Essay: All My Sons

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Essay: All My Sons

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The play tells the story of Joe Keller who owns a factory despite the fact that he has no formal education. He committed an offence of causing the death of 21 pilots but it is Steve Deever, who was accused of the offence. It opens on a Sunday in the month of august in the year 1946 whereby Joe Keller is reading a newspaper and at the same time speaking with his neighbors. It takes place in the span of 24 hours depicting the protagonist as he is haunted by offences he committed along time ago. Larry, Keller’s son has gone missing during Second World War and they assume that he has since died. T

hey had planted a tree, as a sign of the life of Larry but when it is knocked down things go awry. Kate is hopeful that Larry will show up one day but Chris thinks that this is pretence. Larry’s girlfriend before he went to war, Ann is about to be married by his brother Chris for she received a letter from Larry before he committed suicide. Ann’s father, Steve Deever has been sentenced to death after he crashed in Australia killing 21 pilots. George, Ann’s sister has also visited his father in jail for the first time since he was arrested. In the play, we find out that the protagonists try very hard to prove that they are great men but in the end, we observe that they are very selfish.

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