Essay: Social Responsibility of McDonald

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Essay: Social Responsibility of McDonald

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The McDonald social responsibility that must be employed by all the franchises is values in practice. According to McDonald official website, “For McDonald’s, corporate responsibility is about living our values each and every day. It’s about taking action, achieving results and always maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and other key stakeholders” (McDonalds). Taking into consideration that the franchises are among the stakeholders, these values must be shared by the franchises too. For the sake and future of McDonalds, the firm along with its franchises and supplies work hand in hand to ensure that business operations clearly define what a person with sober mind would refer to as a responsible corporate citizen. This involves carrying out activities that are environmentally friendly while conserving the environment for the future generations.

The McDonald business model can be defined as a three-legged stool that comprises of the franchises, McDonalds employees and the clients. According to Harris:

Like a three-legged stool, each leg had to be equally strong to support the business. While such partnering alliances is still unusual today, it was virtually unheard in the mid -1950’s. And the three-legged stool has proven many times over, providing McDonald’s with a competitive advantage within the growing quick-service restaurant industry. …. McDonald’s had to survive its infancy. (Harris 18).

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