Essay: Social Factors causing Eating Disorders

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Essay: Social Factors causing Eating Disorders

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Generally, on the concept of perception of others and eating disorder, the emphasis is placed upon the role of social factors affects body image in adolescent as a developmental process and preferences of other sex peers or opposite sex peers to young adult women. The development stage during adolescence and young adulthood is of subsequent importance of others perceptions and critical to an individual (Carolyn,1999, p.312).

While opposite sex peers and pals opinions have tremendous influence to the body image of young women in age bracket 18 to 22 years that are dominantly affected by disordered eating behaviors and attitudes. Empirically, white female adolescents strive most to achieve thin body due to skewed perception about men preference, while black adolescent are encouraged to have large bodies. Therefore, in studying of the risk factors for developing eating disorders this component of distorted perception should be taken into account to have credible, valid and reliable results.

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