Essay: Everyone should know about soccer

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Essay: Everyone should know about soccer

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world since it attracts the largest crowds. In some states, it is even worshipped and the security personnel must always control the fanatic fans. Soccer is referred in a variety of names in different regions. In some regions, it is referred to as association football whereas in America it is referred to as American football. The sport is played in every part of the globe and involves a healthy combination of physical fitness, skill and aggression. Just like any other sport, there are so many issues surrounding this game, that involves rules and regulations, penalties for breaching the rules of the game among many other issues

The main purpose of this essay is to inform the first years facts about football since many of them are not familiar with soccer. However, it is worth noting that there game, involves so many issues that cannot be known by an individual since, just like technology, the rules of the game keep on changing day after day.

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