Essay: Soccer World Cup Riots in 2010

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Essay: Soccer World Cup Riots in 2010

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Soccer riots comprises of unruly behavior before, during or after a football match. It may be catalyzed by a number of issues ranging from poor referring decision, hooliganism by the supporters or by other stakeholders involved in soccer. The result of football riots ranges from vandalism of infrastructure, injuries to the players and fans, and death of the parties involved. In most cases, the riots are triggered by the hooligans who use all kind of weapons ranging from guns to crude items such as stones and knives. Due to the increased level of soccer hooliganism, soccer riots have become a national or global issue that needs to be addressed if there expectation of decent soccer matches in future. It is normally the responsibility of the stewards and the police to control the soccer riots to reduce the chances to fatal incidences.

The world cup is the most popular game on earth watched by billions all over the world. The world cup began to be held in 1930 in Uruguay and to date, there have been many incidences of riots that have had varying results ranging from death to destruction of infrastructure. In the previous World Cup finals held in Germany, 2006, there were incidences of violence after Poland was eliminated by Germany in a match played at Dortmund. About German 300 German, fans were arrested for throwing fireworks and bottles among other crude weapons to the police. However, it is worthy noting that, among other World Cups finals, it is in 2006, which reported least incidences of riots.

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