Essay: Slave to citizen

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Essay: Slave to citizen

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Unit I6

The image of America was greatly affected by the civil war. The civil war affected America more that the Americans and the world perceived its impact. America became a morally sober state. .according to James Robertson in his book American Myth, American Reality, he notes, “Out of the memories and explanations of the Civil War, war became, in the imagery and metaphors of American myth, the ultimate defense of the nation and the ultimate expression of nationalism. In Lincoln the emancipator, war leader, frontier hero, and spokesman of charity, freedom and democracy, is the image of the great and good uses to which American war is put.” The civil war brought about the American democracy. Further, it was in reference to the civil war that led to World War I and II. The failure to meet this image led to condemnation of the Vietnam War.

The civil war catalyzed freedom and played a key role in ensuring that the union remained united. There were also major changes in the agriculture and other industries were being managed and perceived. Prior to the civil war, the image of America was viewed as an agricultural based economy while other industries were perceived as supplement to the economy. Since 1800, the cities and the industries were growing fast, however after 1860; these industries only sustained a six of the US population. After the civil war, the industries began to grow and support a bigger proportion of the populations. The civil war was able to transform the American economy and employ the economies of scale concept. The economies of scale concept were employed by expansion of industries and thereby employ more people. The American economy was also transformed from being an agricultural based economy and many people became employed on the expanding industries. The industry was viewed as the future of the Americans while Agriculture was an old system that had to be done away with (Cha-Jua 2010).

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