Essay: Signs of Stress at Workplace

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Essay: Signs of Stress at Workplace

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Excess stress at work place affects the productivity of employee as one becomes withdrawn. Health problems can also result due to excessive stress. Once a worker shows any sign of stress, action need to be taken otherwise besides job satisfaction and performance being affected, dangerous post stress effects can ensure. Some common signs of stress are

  • depression
  • Dissatisfaction and low interest to work
  • Sleeping problems
  • tiredness,
  • lack of job concentration
  • headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • Withdrawing from the public
  • low sex drive
  • drugs or alcohol abuse

Causes of stress at the work place include:

  • Retrenchment/ layoff
  • Low compensation
  • Changing working conditions
  • Excessive expectation from the supervisors and employer

There are several available options that an employee can use to reduce work related stress, these include:

    1. The worker needs to take care of him/ her self
    2. Organizing and giving priority on the important employment responsibilities
    3. Improvement of the emotional intelligence
    4. Managing workplace stress by avoiding the bad habits
    5. Managers responsibility to manage stress work place

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