Essay: Significant Characteristics of bureaucracy

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Essay: Significant Characteristics of bureaucracy

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2.1 Career based on merits

This characteristic is aimed at ensuring employees are hired only after considering their technical qualifications (Cook, 2007, p. 16). This practice is very important as it ensure that hired individuals are the most qualified. I dispel any fear from works of any possibility of hiring people basing o their connection to the management r even other for of relationships. This characteristic also shields workers from dismissal from work without a just reason or cause.

2.2 Impersonality

This characteristic focuses on treatment of employees and customers equally without bias. According to Cook (2007, p. 19), individual differences are not considered when it comes to undertaking any activity within an organization. Weber indicated that this characteristic totally control the probabilities at which an organization will succeed. He stated that it brings about uniform policies and strengthens procedures that ought to be followed thus allowing impersonality and uniformity to prevail. Working environments that ensure workers, customers and other clients are satisfied will always deliver more than it is for otherwise conditions.

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