Essay: Significance of Positive Liberty

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Essay: Significance of Positive Liberty

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People ought to do things they are able to explain as to why are doing did them. In most of the times, this is not possible with positive liberty since one has to do what he has been directed to do. It is just a matter of following orders and this makes it impossible to explain why it is that one did this and not that. It is usually very encouraging when one is sure that he is not serving any master but nature.

Since not all, the appointed leaders are experienced in deciding on what to be done and the ways o follow, some people who are more experienced will feel de-motivated in life. One feels very discouraged in lie when another person directs on a certain issue from the where you are more experienced in, and gives the directions wrongly. It will follow that you will do hat you have been directed to do but following the wrong methods knowingly.

It is advisable that positive liberty is used to since it is important in any free society. It is very fruitful when it is linked with the autonomy of individual persons rather than on the goals individuals rationally desire. The two autonomy types ought to be distinguished clearly for positive liberty to work. The freedom exercised should favor all citizens irrespective of their ranks otherwise, it is not freedom.

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