Essay: Significance of Organizational Learning

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Essay: Significance of Organizational Learning

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Organizational learning usually aims at capacity development of the organization, individual and occupational. Campbell (2007), defines organizational capacity as the organizational potential to perform that is enabled by its ability to define and realize its goals and objectives in a more sustainable and relevant manner. Therefore, organization capacity development shall refer to the processes by which an organization effectively formulate and achieve organizational goals. In order to achieve the desired Organizational capacity through learning, training should focus to realize the needs and goals of the organization. Capacities emphasized in organizational learning are: adaptive capacity that enables organization to learn and change in response to operational environment dynamism; and operational that aims at equipping the organization workforce up-dated skills and knowledge to carryout daily activities of the organization (Baud, Gerick 1999, 131).

Powers (2002), states that in order for the organizational learning to bear fruit and be meaningful, process of learning should be emphasized to ensure quality instruction to the adults in learning session. A quote by Campbell, (2007), says “many organizational facilitators have failed to give quality instruction to learners during organization’s workshops, seminars and trainings because their content and methodological approach do not match the needs of the learners” Therefore, in order to have a meaningful and useful training, A variety of learning techniques and methods are necessary when training and developing adult learners because adult learners process information differently than one another. In this line of thought, the paper shall look at these techniques that should be employed to carter for adult differences in processing the information.

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