Essay: Significance of World War I and causes of World War II

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Essay: Significance of World War I and causes of World War II

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After the First World War that took place in the 1950’s, the people from US could only remember having peace in the 1920’s. This war had taken quite a long period around five years and had left then economy in American in a bad shape. The country suffered from a great depression, which it had to struggle to recover from. So many people were left wounded while others were left dead. No single person was not affected by this war either directly r indirectly with many people left homeless and with no property or anywhere to run to. The soldiers had to participate fully in the war even forgetting their families and killing their loved ones. This made them prisoners of war who are not free and act just like they are directed to do.

Not all people supported the war for many of them felt its effects and thus had to oppose. This marked the start of war opposition by using all means, which could end the war. Immediately after the war, many of the countries had to cooperate and sign treaties that were meant to protect any form of future wars of this nature. Other countries especially Germany was forced to take part in war reparations and this triggered the start of World War II. After the war, peace was maintained through forceful measures as Germany was forced to sign up agreeing to be the starters of the war. This was the reason they had to pay costs to cater for the war expenses. Further, the size of its country was reduced while those of France and |Italy were increased.

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