Essay: Significance of Cockpit Resource Management

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Essay: Significance of Cockpit Resource Management

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If all the airlines could acknowledge the fact that CRM is an important aspect in reducing the chances of accidents then the aviation industry would go a long way in ensuring the safety of all passengers. If one assumes that he or she is not vulnerable to error, then this increases the chances of the said person of doing an error. Procedures that are to be followed should be analyzed to make sure that they take into consideration all the avenues that can cause a risk or threat. The persons involved should then ensure that they follow the procedure fully and not assume that you have memorized the procedure so there is no need of reading a manual. Such an assumption can go a long way in increasing the chances of errors occurring. Most of the errors that occur are because of violations of laid down procedures and are mostly caused by assumptions. People should be trained on the importance of following the laid down procedures to the letter and be made to understand that this is for the sake of their safety as well as for the others that they are working together. (Edkins & Pfister 2003 pps 66-102)

Given the magnitude of damage that can result due to a simple mistake by an individual in the cockpit, it is important for all the members of the crew to observe maximum care before they make any important decision. Some behaviors that are exhibited by people in their day-to-day lives can be dangerous if they are carried on to the cockpit. These behaviors include “leadership, briefings, monitoring and cross checking, decision making, and review and modification of plans.” (Helmreich 2000) CRM is important in training crewmembers on how to change some of their behaviors and attitudes that can be dangerous if applied in the cockpit.

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