Essay: Significance of Media

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Essay: Significance of Media

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The media plays a very important role in giving the news of what is happening around. The media should tell the people “like it is” since it is only through this that one is able to understand what is exactly happening on the ground. (Kayyem & Pangi 2003 pp59) (363 words)

During the Vietnam War, the American media did not tell the whole world of how their soldiers used to flatten entire villages but told everybody of how their soldiers were having a hard time in the war. This was a justification of the fact that whatever they were doing was right although innocent civilians including women and children were being killed everyday. It is this manipulation of the media to one’s advantage, which does not help the common person. After the 9/11 attacks the media was blaming all the Muslims as if it was the entire religion, which had declared war on the Americans. It is understood that the perpetrators were a minority Muslim extremists who are out to fight the America. When a bomb accidentally hits a non-targeted village in Afghanistan the news are always manipulated to suit the Taliban or the NATO depending on which side of the world you are leaving in.  When the media is only focused on the intentions and goals of the terrorists, this only goes in helping the terrorist to feel that they were right in their actions. It is important to treat all the people equally and not victimize them because of their race or religion.

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