Essay: Significance of Fashion to build Personal Image

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Essay: Significance of Fashion to build Personal Image

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Fashion is considered good among the many people and it comes along cost. Though fashion is considered to improve an individual’s personal image, it requires one to have a higher disposable income in order to afford a certain product on fashion. For a product to be on fashion, mostly costs more than the ordinary products (Bohdanowicz, Clamp, 1994, 134).

From economists’ point of view, buying products that are on fashion is not good economic decision because of the economic cost. The financial cost of the product is high and since wearing, a product on fashion improves the self-image. The preference of products on fashion ranges between different generations and sexes. For the teams, wearing sporty clothing with a global brand name like Nike on social function is considered to be a cool idea among the youth, however not everybody considers this to be cool or recognize that the products are on fashion. Sagging of trousers and wearing oversize clothing is considered to be a fashion among some cultures and while this is considered a vice among other cultures.

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