Essay: Siddhartha becoming a Rich Man

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Essay: Siddhartha becoming a Rich Man

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Siddhartha decides to leave the religious teachings and thus engage in physical pleasures as well as material things. He abandons meditation and all the quests he has been following spiritually. During his movements, he meets and befriends a ferryman who is happy with the simple life he is living. He also meets a beautiful courtesan woman by the name of Kamala and he is ready to be introduced in the world of love but she wants him to fully integrate in the material world. He is convinced to become a businessperson and she finds him a job where Kamaswami employs him and teaches him business. Siddhartha learns business as well as love from Kamala and Kamaswami.

After several years, the business of Siddhartha has grown and he is a rich as well as an affluent man. He indulges himself in the material world whereby he drinks, gambles and dances. Though he has money, this life does not touch him anyway and as such, he does not care even after he loses in gambling. He seems to be not satisfied even as he makes more money he gets the less satisfied he becomes and he soon finds himself very unhappy. He seeks solace in more gambling, sex and drinking. It is after he dreams about the death of a Kamala’s rare bird while in its cage that he realizes that the life he is living is slowly killing him before he gets the enlightenment he has been looking for. He decides to quit this kind of lifestyle and he does it one night without the knowledge of either Kamala or Kamaswami.

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