Essay: Siddhartha Achieving the Nirvana

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Essay: Siddhartha Achieving the Nirvana

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At the end Siddhartha seems to have achieved his utmost enlightenment after learning the teachings of the river from his teacher. His life is a little bit happier after he has learned how to listen to the river. Even when his old friend goes to him, he is referred to as a wise man. One cannot be referred to as being wise if he has not achieved what he has been yearning for all his life.

Siddhartha achieves this from his undying hunger to know the true meaning of life. He has tied almost everything there is to try but he gets what he has been looking for at the last minute. He even lets his son to go and live in the city as he wishes because they cannot live together for they have completely different understanding of the true meaning of life. Though his son believes in the world of wealth, Siddhartha was rich one day but he decided to leave all that. When Govinda meets him sees enlightenment in his face something could only be seeing in Gotama the Buddha and accepts that indeed his friend Siddhartha has been enlightened.


Though Siddhartha appears to have achieved the Nirvana he has been looking for all his life, at the end of the novel after meeting his long time friend, Govinda he seems to contradict this. He believes that one can get Nirvana if he seeks it from within but Govinda gets it after he kisses the forehead of Siddhartha something that contradicts all his teachings. This shows that it is as if there is no Nirvana at all (Hesse 48-76).

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