Essay: Sibling Rivalry

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Essay: Sibling Rivalry

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Sibling rivalry is the competition between people who blood related. It is commonly influenced by personality, parental treatment, experiences away from the family and birth order. The two sisters Leah and Rachael who were the daughters of Laban are shown in the Bible fighting for the love of Jacob. Although Jacob intended to marry Rachael who is the woman he really loved, he ends up marrying Leah after Laban, their father, deceives him. By considering, the major factors, which result to siblings’ rivalry, it is true that the rivalry between Leah and Rachael was contributed to by the factor of parental treatment. Laban loves Leah more than Rachael and thus wants the best for Leah including marrying Jacob whom he considers prosperous. He later manages to marry Rachael who is his true love.

Leah gives birth to four sons and from the naming speeches she has every time she is naming her newborn son, we learn that she has great deal of exasperation. This implies that she feels unloved and may be regrets deciding to lie and get married instead of her sister. On the other hand, Rachael is barren and makes Jacob take a concubine (Alter, 1981). It should be noted that Jacob has four sons with Leah but this does not make him feel contended in his marriage life. He could only feel better if he had these sons with Rachael. By having children with a concubine who is decided by Rachael, Jacob will feel that his marriage is complete for he will consider the children as belonging to him and her beloved wife Rachael.

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