Essay: SHRM Framework to Retain Employees

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Essay: SHRM Framework to Retain Employees

Job Enrichment: This is to provide ample opportunities to move upwards in an organization. Although this is not feasible in certain organizations. This will help improve the morale of employees and help them develop their career and fulfill their need of self actualization. If this need is fulfilled then employees are most likely to stick to the organization.

Recruit well: Managers need to be careful while they recruit. They must observe and recruit the right person at the right time and for the right job. Personality job fit is essential to make the duo work. But its important to keep in mind the qualifications required for workers to be able to fit a job. This will reduce turnover. Since recruitment and turnover are both costs for a firm.Communicate: Effective communication is essential since then only the employees will be able to understand the organization’s culture and philosophy. This will help them adapt to the corporate environment and put in their best efforts.

Thus HRD plays a vital role in SHRM since it provides the framework to SHRM to formulate the effective strategy that proves to be good for the company (Brown, 2004).

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