Essay: Shortcomings in Dawson’s Landing and the Ladder of Nobility

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Essay: Shortcomings in Dawson’s Landing and the Ladder of Nobility

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The fraction of the blacks to the whites is such a small number that they should not be recognized. In fact, most of the blacks are descendants of some famous whites and so should not be treated as slaves. Some of the blacks too including Roxy are white to the extent that one could confuse them as being whites. This implies that, there should be no slavery in this town but despite all these evidences, there is still slavery. Roxy has two children who have to be segregated because of their origins. Tom is her master’s son and thus should be treated as a white while her daughter has to undergo a very harsh life. Although the two cannot be differentiated by their colors but only by their clothing, they have to be treated very differently despite the fact that they are of the same mother. This shows that Twain had to construct artificial distinctions for this to happen.

Tom is used to the life of the whites and cannot believe that he can undergo any from of slavery. He has some gambling debts to settle but with no money to do so. His mother offers to be sold to cater for the debts but asking Tom to re-buy her after a year and sell her elsewhere where slavery is not tough. He does not keep to this promise for he only sells her to the place where her mother has resented for years. A character personifies himself in this betrayal. The adult acts of Tom are full of betrayal for he does not care about the people who save him in any way. He ends up doing a very brutal act to them.

Twains work is full of shortcomings for it does not keep to standard to the works of literature of his era. It has so many assumptions, which leads to its critics due to lack of a strong base.

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