Essay: Short and Happy life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway

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Essay: Short and Happy life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway

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A thirty five year old by the name of Francis Macomber happens to be on safari in Africa. He is physically fit and at the same time has a good record of accomplishment in fishing. One day as they are hunting, Macomber takes on his heels after a lion confronts him. Through a flashback, the reader learns a brief history of the life of Macomber who happens to be a rich American who once fled upon seeing a lion.

This is his first journey to Africa and his wife, Margot is not amused by the fact that he ran away after seeing that lion. The ridicule that Macomber gets from his wife drives him to the point of proving his courage by confronting a water buffalo, which leads his wife to realize that her verbal attack will most likely drive her husband to death. It is during another occasion when he is trying to prove his courage through confronting another water buffalo that his wife shoots him in the back of the head as she is trying to shoot down the buffalo. The shot proves to be fatal leading to the end of his short life. Though the reader might be rushed to conclude that Wilson is a wicked, a closer look to Margot reveals that she is an immoral wife.  (Vogelman 4-24)

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