Essay: Services Provided by Virtual Dating Company

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Essay: Services Provided by Virtual Dating Company

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The services provided by Virtual Dating Company will be marketed by being placed in different stages through which the target clients will be contacted. The services will be available in the search engines, banner ads on the popular sites like yahoo and the firm’s official website. The service will be sold directly to by the firm without any affiliate marketing. Blackhat marketing strategy will also be used though the spams and taking internet users to the Virtual Dating online site even though they did not request the page. One on one approach will be used where an interested internet user just types the key words and the net directs the user to firm’s website.

Geomarketing is a marketing strategy used along with geolocation software. This involves marketing the product while targeting population in a certain geographical region. For this fir, it could target the internet users within major towns where the cases of virtual dating are very common. The gelocation software gives information about the population of a certain region and the firm determines whether the area is a hot spot or not. Geomarketing is crucial when the marketer is targeting certain population. However, in the case of our firm, online dating is a service utilized all the population. The advantage of geomarketing is that it is cheaper than other forms of marketing since it reaches the target audience. In addition, the statistic about the clients interests are kept hence enabling a firm to be able make analysis about its market growth rate. The best target market will be cities in Asia and Europe where there are many internet users (Cliquet 120-156).

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