Essay: Services of Good Corporate Citizens

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Essay: Services of Good Corporate Citizens

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Among the services that good corporate citizens include establishing health care systems, repairing the roads, providing the society with a well structured and planned sewage system to dispose the wastes.  In a nutshell, a good corporate citizen should give back to the society with services or goods that benefit the community. The kind of goods may be the goods that the firm are producing can be given freely to the society at certain intervals. The corporate can also support the other institutions within the community. Such institutions include the educational institutions among others. Through this kind of initiative, the firm benefits its employees who originate from the community too. Through this the community feels as part of the organization and shall support the organization in its endeavors.

An example of organization that improves the quality of live within the local community is General Motors Company. Internationally, Gm is considered to be among the motor manufacturing firms that are environmentally very conscious. GM also sets targets concerning reduced water usage and thereby ensuring that the community within its areas of operation access clean quality water. Through the environmental concerns, GM is displayed as good corporate citizen. GM is among the global leaders in motor producing based in Detroit US and operating in more than 34 countries around the globe. Through the environmental concerns, the society and its employees who work in an environmentally friendly environment benefit from this firm’s actions.  Additionally, the environment concerns is a major concern since the environment greatly affects the climate. The green gas emissions have an adverse effect on the climate and any firm showing great environment concern is regarded as a reputable firm.

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