Essay: Service Industries in Puerto Rico

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Essay: Service Industries in Puerto Rico

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There are both agricultural and service industries in the island with the major ones being those of the service industry. Most of the service industries are those relating to tourism. The major tourism industry is that of Puerto Rico Convention Center which is located at the city of the island. Puerto Rico practices a republican from of government with most of the powers coming from the U.S but is not fully protected by the constitution of the U.S. Their head of state is still the president in the U.S, Barrack Obama. Just like any other country-practicing republican form of government, Puerto Rico has three government branches namely the judicial, executive, and legislative.

The fact that the country has a well defined from of government makes it similar to any other country. The only difference with the other countries is the fact that it does not have a president of its own and is governed by the U.S but not fully protected in the U.S constitution. Visiting this country for a vacation, I would go to Puerto Rico Convention Center, their main tourism center.

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