Essay: Seeking Insurance Cover

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Essay: Seeking Insurance Cover

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Several other things will become effective on the September 23, 2010 and will include the allowance of dependants to remain on the parents’ insurance scheme until they are 26 years of age. After the 26th birthday, the said dependants are expected to make their own arrangements for accessing insurance cover.  Insurance providers will not be allowed to set special insurance terms for anybody under the age of 19 irrespective of their health history. This means that the health history of an under 19 years seeking insurance cover will not be considered. The abilities of insurance providers to impose annual spending limits will be counter checked by the government with a view of doing away with it in 2014. . (Cost Estimate for Pending Health Care Legislation 2010 available online)

It would be illegal for an insurer to unsubscribe a customer after he or she has fallen sick. Insurance companies will be compelled by the law to provide internal audit reports of their companies. Appeal processes on claims ought to be put in place by the insurer on all new policies they are going to introduce in to the market. The insurers should provide an advanced system for detecting fraud since this is one of the major avenues used by con artists to defraud insurance companies of millions of dollars every year. Small and rural hospitals should adopt Medicare since this will encourage rural dwellers to be insured because they will not be forced to travel when seeking medication. This will encourage those who despise big hospitals for they will be in a position to enjoy their insurance benefits even if they are treated at small hospitals.

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