Essay: Security Measures Adopted by ICAO

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Essay: Security Measures Adopted by ICAO

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There are certain security measures that are adopted by most of the international civil aviation organizations (ICAO) in the year 1974. They are commonly referred to as article 17 and each ICAO is supposed to adhere to the regulations. They are meant to cooperate in the fight against all forms of criminal activities towards the aviation industry. The legislation is adopted in the six main languages of the world namely Chinese, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian. It is however, hard to understand how those who drafted the article 17 failed to address a situation as the one that happened on September 11, 2001 in America. When aircrafts seizures were rampant in the 1960s the act was made to address such unlawful acts targeted towards the aviation industry. (Homeland security n.d)

The main work of ICAO was to oversee the development of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) which were supposed to be followed by all the players in the aviation industry. As time went, its mandate was expanded to cover other areas, which are initiating policies, auditing all the contracting states to gauge their measure of their security and offering assistance to the states that are facing serious security problems as they are appear in the audits. The checks on the level of the security in the member states, is done by Aviation Security Audit (ASA), which is under the Universal Security Audit Programme.  There is a department, whose responsibility is to help a member state that has a security problem, in implementing the required security standards. ICAO also helps in training personnel of its members in detecting fake travel documents and helping in improvising temper proof travel documents. In this regard, it has introduced documents that are read using machines under their Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) Programme. Most of its member states have complied with this requirement and thus issued the said documents. The main objective of ICAO is to achieving universal security measures across the globe since this will simplify ensuring security measures are followed. (International Civil Aviation Organization 2010)

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