Essay: Scientific Teachings of the Early Middle Ages

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Essay: Scientific Teachings of the Early Middle Ages

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Initially, the scientific and philosophical teachings of the the Early Middle Ages was by few commentaries and copies that remained from the Greek texts. Immediately after the era of the High Middle Ages started, there was the birth of the medieval universities (Wilkinson 106). With continued contact with the Islamic world of Sicily and Spain and also due to the crusades and , Reconquista, the Europeans could access the scientific texts by Averroes, Alhazen and Aristotle among others. By the aid of the European universities in propagation and translation of the scientific texts, there was the start of new infrastructure which was required by the scientific communities.

At the start of the 13th century, there great number of Latin translations of the major of nearly all the intellectual ancient authors. This made it possible to soundly transfer the scientific ideas through the use of the monasteries and the universities. After these translations, the scholars of then including Duns Scotus, Albertus Magnus, Roger Bacon and Robert Grosseteste, were able to extend the scientific ideas of the earlier scholars. Precursors of this modern scientific methods can be found in the emphasis of understanding mathematics by Grosseteste and also in the empirical approach by Bacon in his Opus Majus.

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