Essay: Saudi Aramco the Leading Healthcare Service Provider

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Essay: Saudi Aramco the Leading Healthcare Service Provider

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Saudi Aramco, the leading area healthcare provider, has an extensive network of healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia. One of their innovative and creative approaches to providing care is the use of remote area clinics (RACs) that have about ten nurses per RACs. These clinics provide healthcare to individuals living inside inaccessible areas.  This allows for the provision of a broad array of services for disease prevention, management, and treatment for patients who are typically unable to access care. It is imperative to consider methods that the RACs use to monitor the efficient and effective healthcare for patients.

In efforts to achieve this objective, it is essential to monitor the nursing staff and how they guarantee quality provision of services to patients and improve the nurses’ performance too. We’ll be working with the staff on these standards so that later on the JCIA surveyors will come and inspect the clinics, so we will have for the time being a better understanding about the nurses knowledge about JCIA standards. Once these results are employed to improve the performance of the nurses and patient safety at the nurse remote clinic, the management team at the RACs decided to implement the JCIA patient safety standards. The concern for the quality health care is a major concern among RACs in the global arena due to the changes occurring because of globalization. However, though there are many stakeholders in the RACs, this capstone project focuses on the nurses who are key players in the health care industry.

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